Taste that you have not felt before.

Himalayan Nepalese Chulo trading as Everest Gurkha Nepalese Restaurant

Nepal is a small country located in South Asia lying along the highest himalayan peaks. Nepal contains eight of the world’s ten highest mountains pertaining to Mount Everest. Similarly, Nepal is also recognized as the birth place of Buddha who is well known as the light of Asia. 

Despite having cultural disparities, Nepal is bounded together with harmony and peace. Being rich in cultures, traditions, Nepal serves a plethora of cuisine and traditional meals. This Himalayan Nepalease Chulo offers a holistic experience reflecting traditional cuisine (Nepali Khana) of pure Nepali quality and taste. Every food item is prepared by our expert chefs and served with a smile by a keen service member. We provide unexplored, unique tastes you have not ever experienced before.

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